Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 9. Facing the scale

So I had to get on the scale before they would give me my shot. I was nervous because I have seen so little difference in my measurements or my fitness level and I have been slipping but I got an awesome suprise. I lost more than ten pounds!
I still have a long ways to go but this is a huge milestone and it total gave me the impetus to keep going because clearly I am doing something right. I know I said that the weight itself is not the goal and I have no magic number but it's still some tangible evidence that I am on my way to getting better. Also I have lost another half inch off my waist and two inches off the evil belly! That leaves 3.5 inches to go to my overall goal waistwise and a very long way to go on the actual tummy but it's a step and I will totally take it as a victory.

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