Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 7 Went swimming instead so... Why Corsets?

So I went swimming instead of working out. It was fun but it doesn't make for a very exciting blog post so I want to talk for a bit about why my main goal is focused around a corset waist measurement. No, i's not just because I want to look slimmer. That is a great feature of corsets but the honest answer is that I am well endowed in the chest area and corsets are better than bras for support when they go over the bust and they are amazing back support. Yes I am aware that those are seen as excuses to justify them because they make you look slimmer but honestly I have naturally pronounced waistline and with a little work on removing my tummy pooch I rather like my figure. The way I'm built corsets just push the tummy pooch down so it's not a help in that respect.

I have been obsessed with corsets since I was eighteen but have just never had the money to purchase a decent one. I have been studying the skills involved and have made some passable experiments but just don't have the money to get the materials to make one properly. So I have been reading all of the resources I can and looking for a job in the hopes that I can obtain corsets for myself. I have two huge Amazon wishlists devoted to this obsession and I have pages and pages of bookmarks and notes on the subject. With luck, I will soon have the healthy physique and corset of my dreams.

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