Sunday, February 22, 2015

Back again

Hey yeah insert excuses here. Life happens and dwelling on it's kinda counter productive. Since no one reads this there's no point in explaining. Instead, it's time to focus on new goals and how I am gonna tackle them. So without further ado....

My two goals are for shorter term and vanity based than before because every time I've tried to do more broad, logical,  long term goals I've gotten distracted and discouraged.  So this time my goals are about feeling better about myself aesthetically. Yeah it's shallow but really it's not like being logical and long term health based has worked.

So my two goals... there are two Conventions I do every year. One is March 19-22 and the other is November 20-22. and I am not putting specific numbers on the goals but my basically I want to try to get as much improvement as I can before then. There's only 25 days until the first one so I am just hoping to feel a little better then mostly in the energy area. I have not had a lot of energy at all lately and it's making me fall behind in chores and other goals.

I will be logging when I work out and what I eat here just to keep track. I will also probably ranting as per usual about thinspiration culture and obstacles. So I look forward to hearing from you soon.