Monday, July 19, 2010

A hello and some cold hard facts

So I have gained 20 pounds in the last six months because I have been depressed due to my financial situation and living with my parents. I have destroyed all the progress I have made since I first moved out and it is making me even more depressed and I a little overwhelmed and trying to hide behind old habits that I know are bad for me.

Beyond the cosmetic and general health concerns of my weight I have recently learned that I have two genetic disorders that can cause blood clots. If I don't keep active and get my weight to a healthy range I could throw a blood clot to my heart or lungs that can kill me. So now it's not just a case of vanity or self image it's me needing to keep at least mildly active every day to keep myself alive.

So the plan... this is the hard part I know so many different ways to get in shape but I've never stuck to any of them. So I am hoping that combining different styles and keeping things changed up will help me to not treat it like a chore. I also really want to try to take belly dancing lessons so I can have another tool to work out with and to help boost my confidence level. ( I learned a little bit of belly dance when I was younger and belly dance can make ANYONE feel sexy while you're doing it.) So whatever mix I do it needs to total 20 minutes a day to begin with. I will make entries of my routine and progress here so I can have a good record of how much I have really been working. I will not be posting my total food record or calorie counts because the point is not to obsess over numbers but to make a habit of healthier choices like cutting out blended coffees, eating out and drinking juice and tea instead of water.

So the rules of this blog.
1. I will not lie, if a number embarrasses me that badly I just won't post it.
2. I will keep a pen and paper backup when I'm not near web access.
3. I will not freak out and mope over every single backslide I am human and allowed to make mistakes.

So the short term goal I am working toward.
I currently have a 37" waist according the corset fitting I attended last weekend at the Rogue Renaissance Festival. I loved the corset I tried on (it's the one in my photo) and almost cried when I had to take it off because I don't have the money to buy it right now. (My mom made me try it on because if I can't afford it by the end of event season I plan to get it online) My goal is to have a marked improvement in my overall health and one inch off my waist by the second weekend in September. I am also going to try to save up for the corset as my goal reward. I may not be able to afford it by Shrewsbery or the pirate festival but it's still something to hope for.

So today's essential stats.
(I am breaking it up a little by writing now since I am trying to start slow.

10 minute brisk walk with a slight incline. [X]
5 Burpees (an exercise combination of jumping jacks and mountain climbers)

Left to do:
5 more Burpees
1 set of double leg lifts
1 set of single straight leg extensions
1 set of roll ups
1 set of hip circles

I think that's enough writing to start off with.

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